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Gymrat Jerky: Smoky BBQ (80G)

Gymrat Jerky: Smoky BBQ (80G)

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If you struggle to hit your daily protein goals, snacking on some Gymrat Jerky is the best way to pump up those numbers!

Each two-serving pack contains over 45g of protein and less than 2g of carbs.

Our protein jerky is made from 100% Australian PREMIUM beef. It's beef jerky that's good for you.

Our original Smoky BBQ Flavour is coated in classic, all-natural spices for a tangy, punchy taste. 

  • No soy ✅
  • No seed oils ✅
  • No added sugar ✅
  • No artificial preservatives ✅
  • All gains ✅
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The ingredients list for our Smoky BBQ Flavour is as follows:

Beef, sea salt, garlic powder, ground coriander, smoked paprika, pepper.

Yep, that's it.


Each pack can be conveniently resealed after opening. However, to keep your jerky at it's best, we recommend you consume it within 3 days of opening the pack. Hit that anabolic window ASAP.

Store in a cool, dry location out of sunlight (like a fridge or pantry).

Most bags are marked with a use by date 3 months after production, but storing it in a fridge or freezer will ensure your jerky is in good shape for the long term.

Occassionally, a bag of beef jerky will tear in transit. Because our product contains no preservatives, prolonged exposure to air can make the jerky defective. If you encounter this, just take a photo to document it, dispose of it, and send through evidence to us for a full refund or replacement.


Next-day fulfilment cuts off each business day at 5pm. If you order before this time, we'll get your order on its way to you the following business day.

All our orders ship direct to you from our facility in Brisbane, Queensland. We offer local delivery in the Brisbane City area for a cheaper rate.

Most addresses will get their orders by Australia Post in 2 to 6 business days.

We do flat-rate shipping both domestically and internationally.

If you're from outside Australia, check out our 'Shipping and Delivery' page for more info.

Protein made for ANYWHERE!

Sick of missing your daily protein goals because you're too busy?

NEVER miss out again with Gymrat Jerky: clean protein you can take EVERYWHERE.

  • In the gym 🏋️
  • In the car 🚗
  • At the desk 👨‍💻
  • Being locked in 🧏‍♂️
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Who is Gymrat Jerky NOT for?

  • People who don't want more protein ❌
  • People who love eating ultra-processed slop ❌
  • People who wear gloves in the gym
  • Vegans

Who is Gymrat Jerky for?

  • People looking to get their daily protein in tastier and easier ✅
  • People looking for a clean snack that actually helps them reach their goals ✅
  • People looking to gain more muscle and lose more fat ✅
  • Lifters, gymgoers and athletes of all kinds ✅

Built like no other snack.

Gymrat Jerky is designed to be the perfect high protein snack: more anabolic than any other jerky, better ingredients than any protein bar, and tastier than any other meat snack.


Customer Reviews

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xavier king
Website feedback

This website is clean with almost no pop ups getting in the way unlike others where its to hard to read without getting blasted in the face by ads. The sense of humour perfects it. The only thing that I would change is the review part. It would make it a lot better if you could turn it into a medium sized tab that when you click on it enlarges into all of this. (not including the customers review is good) anyway I hope to buy some gymrat jerky soon. Keep going you are getting somewhere dude.

Best jerky on

Very tasty & great product

Beef jerky enjoyer
Heard about the channel a little while ago. Jerky looks great. Keep it up big man


Benji Alexander

No bitter taste

FM on the GC
Tasty As! Once you start you can’t stop!

Great product from a great guy! Jerky-topiia!


When it comes to building muscle and losing fat, almost NOTHING matters more than your protein intake.

But when you're having a busy day, sometimes you might not find the time to get in a proper, high protein meal. You might even start snacking on sugary, artificial snacks that only take you further from your goals!

Image of Gymrat Jerky high protein beef jerky Australia

With Gymrat Jerky, you can turn this into a problem of the past. If you consistently struggle to eat enough protein, snacking on some protein jerky is the EASIEST way to fix this.

If you thought high-sugar slop or ultra-processed "protein" snacks were your only options, think again! Gymrat Jerky makes whole-food protein easy and enjoyable!



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