About Us


As a competitive powerlifter and long-time gymgoer, protein has always been very important to me.

I live in Queensland, Australia: a state that's 2.5x bigger than Texas with about 1/6th of the population. Anyone who lives here knows that to really get anywhere, you're in for at least a five hour drive

Whenever I was driving, I used to stop somewhere off the highway looking for something high in protein. However, I was always disappointed: after protein bars with an ingredients list that took up a third of the package, my next best option was beef jerky.

But seriously? Even the products that bragged about being "high in protein" usually struggled to crack 20g in a whole bag. And far too often, they were loaded with seed oils, sugar and other artificial additives that I didn't want to touch. Something was wrong here.


I decided to give it a go myself. I wanted to create a beef jerky that was perfect for gym rats: this meant being macro-friendly, easy to eat and packed with protein. After a lot of experimentation, I developed a recipe and method that was ACTUALLY high in protein, tasted great and didn't need complicated, industrial additives. 

Just after graduating university, I decided to put my degree to good use. So I dropped everything and started selling beef jerky. 

And thus, Mithras Nutrition was formed. Named after a Roman sun god whose legend revolves around the sacrifice of a bull, we believe in grabbing life by the horns. We aim to support lifters all over Australia (and the world) in maximising their health and performance.

With Gymrat Jerky, we've truly optimised beef into it's most anabolic form, resulting in a snack that is lean, clean and high-in-protein. Sound good? Try it for yourself today!