An alchemist studying in his laboratory, with the text Thumos Obscura above

Welcome to Thumos Obscura, a catalogue of the world’s best-hidden secrets to health and vitality! Together, we will delve deep into the annals of scientific enquiry (along with the most cutting-edge broscience of our time) and seek out the information most esoteric that many will have missed.

Thumos Obscura is the premier source for biohacking secrets. Among other things, expect to find nutritional facts you've probably never heard, weird sleep tricks you'll be eager to try and daily habits that will become a must to ensure peak vitality.

We will do our best to rely on existing scientific literature, yet when the technique is too occult for an abundance of established evidence, expect that I, the author, have ventured forth and experimented with it myself.

If you're looking to learn about nutrition, training, sleep and overall wellbeing in short, succinct articles, look out for our regular blogposts. 

The world is full of secrets. Let's go find some. 

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